About Us

The old guard is the new guard. dehumidifierking.com is founded during the pandemic 2020 year where clean air is essential to our health. Whether you are staying at your comfort home or at work, having an ideal humidity level can help you breathe safely and easily. It can also stop microorganisms from growing, prevent respiratory diseases, and protect your home from rust/ decay.

At dehumidifierking.com, we dedicated our life to those with trouble breathing comfortably due to excessive humidity conditions. Every year, we reviewed more than hundreds of models from leading manufacturers in the U.S. and handpicked the best of the best. We focus solely on mini/ renewable dehumidifier, small dehumidifier, and anywhere in between 30-pint, 50-pint, 70-pint, to 95-pint. All of our dehumidifier reviews are conducted through many hours of testing and comparison by professionals in the industry. You can read our regularly updated buying guides and find out which model is best suited to your particular needs. We will also feature articles on health, how-to tips, humidity air quality, moisture removal, and things you can do to prevent mold/ mildew growth.

We really appreciate your visit to our humble site. Stay in touch with the latest models and technologies in the dehumidifier world. If you have any questions or stories to share, reach out to us here.