6 Best 30 Pint Dehumidifier 2022 (22 Pint 2019 DOE)

An entry-level to the refrigerant dehumidifier world. A 30-pint dehumidifier is an excellent appliance that draws excess moisture in the air and curbs the growth of mold. It has all goodies from its bigger capacity brother but at a more affordable price point. In this buying guide, we will talk about the pros and cons of a smaller 30-pint model. We will also recommend a list of models that are best for everyday use. So let's get the ball rolling in our best 30-pint dehumidifiers to manage the humidity level in your home.

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Vremi 30-pint Dehumidifier AIRPLUS 22 Pint Dehumidifier Review (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Ivation 30 Pint IVALDH30PW Dehumidifier Review
Vremi 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) Dehumidifier AIRPLUS 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Dehumidifier Ivation 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) IVALDH30PW Dehumidifier
Recommended Room Size
1500 sq. ft. (139 m2) 1,500 sq. ft. (139 m2) 2000 sq. ft. (186 m2)
22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE)
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** MRSP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price)/ RSP (Retail selling price) is accurate at the time of posting.
^ Annual filter cost is calculated based on filter price and 12 hours of usage. Pricing could vary depending on air quality, usage frequency, and speed.
` The indicated online price guides as follows: $ = under $50, $$ = $50-100, $$$ = $101-200, $$$$ = 201-300, $$$$$ = $301-400, $$$$$$ = 401-500, $$$$$$$ = over $500.

How Do We Measure?

It is not easy to choose a 30-pint dehumidifier that will outperform our expectations. To ease you from getting overwhelmed by the identical specifications between one over the other, we have gone through many rounds of rigorous testing to determine which feature you will need the most. Here are the things you need to consider when buying a 30-pint dehumidifier.

  • Capacity - A 30-pint dehumidifier is the same as a 22-pint dehumidifier in 2019. The performance output is the same but with different DOE measurements. Take note of that when you are doing a product comparison.
  • Reservoir capacity - The bigger the capacity, the more water can be collected therefore less emptying frequency is needed. An important feature if you're living in a very damp area and are opting for manual drainage.
  • Pricing - The comfortable price range for a 30-pint dehumidifier is between $140 to $200. Anything that cost more than $200 would be entering into a 50-pint model territory. Branding and availability also play a role in the cost.
  • Dimension and build quality - Measure the room size that you intend to dehumidify and choose a model that can fit into it. A dehumidifier must be able to withstand continuous operation without breaking down.
  • Drain outlet - Pick a model that supports continuous/ direct drainage with all the accessories including a hose. That way you can discard the collected water straight to a floor drain without having to perform the routine water emptying task.
  • Auto-restart/ auto shut-off – Both must-have features in a 30-pint dehumidifier that regulate the functionality. Auto restart resumes back the operation after a power outage. Auto shutoff turns off the device to prevent water overflow when the bucket is full.
  • Auto defrost with frost sensor - Another must-have feature to prevent the dehumidifier coils from icing up and damaged during low-temperature operation. Not all models will execute this well so keep that in mind.
  • Washable filter - Most refrigerant dehumidifiers come with a reusable filter that can be cleaned and reused. Avoid models that use a disposable filter as you will have to replace it every 2-3 months.
  • Ease of use - To make life easier, only consider a model that comes with a digital display and auto humidifying. That way you will have a better grip on the current humidity level and what the dehumidifier is trying to do. Set it once and you can leave it as it is.
  • Power consumption - For the long haul, look for a 30-pint model with low wattage output or Energy Star certification. Energy-efficient dehumidifiers are more eco-friendly to the environment and your monthly utility bill.
  • Noise level - Dehumidifier whirring fan noise can be distracting to most. If you intend to run a dehumidifier during your sleep or work, look for a silent model with the lowest possible noise output.

Vremi might not be the smallest 30-pint dehumidifier in the market, it is still considerably compact with its compressed 16.1 x 19.9 x 10.4 inches body. Weight is reasonable at 8.4 pounds on an empty water tank. You can move it around by grabbing on the side handles or glide it with the help of the caster wheels.

Continue with the external, you will notice consistent "Vremi" design elements that cover all the way to the water bucket. The 1-gallon bucket is at an average size which means it can be easily removed for emptying. There’s a cleaner water level indicator that you can check the water volume to avoid spillage. At the back, the air inlet is protected by a washable honeycomb filter that you can easily take out for cleaning. Right beneath is a dedicated gravity drainage hose that works flawlessly.

Control-wise, Vremi 30-pint dehumidifier has the familiar digital humidity reader and multifunction controls. This includes a dedicated filter wash that reminds you to clean the filter every month and comfort, continuous, turbo mode for multiple drainage support. A timer can be set to boot or shut down the machine after running for an interval time. Overall build quality is good but nothing extraordinary from the pack.

Other than the standard 1-year warranty, Vremi 30-pint dehumidifier comes with the typical trio safety kits that work as they should. You'll have the basic auto shut-off that stops the dehumidifier operation when the reservoir is full. You also have auto-defrost that prevents the coils from icing up. Finally, auto-restart with memory function that resumes back operation to the previous setting after a blackout.

Vremi can take in 30 pints of moisture (2012 DOE) or 22 pints of moisture per day based on the 2019 United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard. Regardless of which standard you used, Vremi dehumidifier can cover up to 1,500 square feet of enclosed space. Ideal for medium to large room size e.g. bedroom, living room, laundry room, playroom, basement, garage, and kitchen. Noise level and power consumption are on the efficient side for a 30-pint dehumidifier model.

A proven moisture absorbent that can stop mold and mildew growth. Vremi 30-pint dehumidifier (22-pint 2019 DOE) is powered by the ever-reliable refrigeration technology. Damp air is first drawn into the air inlet attached with a washable filter. The filter will trap airborne contaminants like dust, hair, pet dander, and only allow air to pass through to the evaporative coils. Through condensation, the internal coils will attract the moisture out from the air before heated for expulsion. The water vapor will either drip down to the collection bucket or pump directly to a floor drain via continuous mode.

What's not so good is the price tag. Vremi 30-pint dehumidifier is around 20-30 bucks higher than some of its closest rivals and it does not come with a built-in pump. It is also not the most silent model out there, especially when running at turbo speed. There is loud whirring noise even when operating in comfort mode. Still, these are a minor trade-off when you consider the value and dependability you will get from this machine. It will not affect its moisture removal performance.

Bottom line: Tad pricey but an easy to maintain and reliable refrigerant dehumidifier that you can trust.

online price (US)**
±179.99 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±)


Need a more affordable 30-pint dehumidifier (22-pint for 2019 DOE standard) that works? AIRPLUS is here to help. A cheaper but less known brand that can run perfectly even at low temperatures even during the winter season. We like the seamless design that is pleasant to the eyes and can be moved around effortlessly thanks to the smooth universal wheels. Instead, you'll find most functionalities tucked behind the AIRPLUS body. You have a very useful long power cord that makes the extension cord redundant. Direct drainage with a silicone hose is also included beneath the air inlet. Protecting the air inlet is an antibacterial mesh filter that captures dust, mold, and other large particles in the air. Lastly, here is the odd bucket placement with a transparent indicator right in the middle.

AIRPLUS 30-pint dehumidifier is easy to operate with a one-touch switch and 4 different modes. You can set the 2 fan speeds and a humidity point that you need AIRPLUS to hit. Sleeping mode locks the speed to low with minimal noise for night use, drying mode uses continuous operation to help quickly dry indoor clothes. Raining mode set RH at 45% for maximum comfort. Used during a rainy day. Better yet, just let the intelligent constant humidity perform smart dehumidification. AIRPLUS 30-pint dehumidifier will only run when the ambient humidity is higher than the set humidity value and shut down once it reaches a satisfactory level. The timer is also here that can be set to boot or shut down the machine.

Despite the low price, all the autonomous safety features are bundled with AIRPLUS 30-pint dehumidifier. You have the auto-stop that shut down AIRPLUS once it detected the reservoir is full, auto-defrost prevents the coils from freezing, and auto power outage automatically resumes back the operation after a blackout. Very useful when this happens over the night and you are half asleep. Last but not least, there is an extended 2 years warranty that covers all parts including the fan motor and compressor.

As the name implied, AIRPLUS dehumidifier absorbs 30 pints of moisture per day (22 pints based on the 2019 DOE standard). It will cover up to 1,500 square footage under 90% relative humidity and 86°F temperature. Ideal for medium room sizes like bedroom, basement, garage, or kitchen with high humidity issues. Noise output is silent for a 30-pint dehumidifier. You can run it quietly in a bedroom without causing any disturbance. Energy usage is also fairly low too as it is within our 0.28 kilowatts-hour benchmark. Most people will utilize the energy-efficient Intelligent Constant Humidity smart feature. Based on your preset humidity point, the dehumidifier will automatically turn on or off itself to the ambient humidity level changes.

No surprise here. AIRPLUS 30-pint dehumidifier runs on refrigeration technology that mold, mildew, and other fungi will dread the most. Unlike other dehumidifier types, a large volume of air will be drawn into the back inlet attached with a washable filter. The filter will block dust, hair, and other large particles from getting inside the coils. The pass-through air will then flow to the internal coils where moisture will be removed via condensation. Dry air will be dispersed out while the extracted water will drip down to the reservoir or straight to a floor drain via a silicone hose.

Before you put your hard-earned money in AIRPLUS 30-pint dehumidifier, consider the cons that revolve around the reservoir. The 0.4-gallon bucket size is smaller than average and will not last through the day on a humid home. The middle bucket placement is also not the easiest to remove for emptying and cleaning. There is a risk of water spillage as you are trying to get the bucket down. If you can live with the 2 minor drawbacks, AIRPLUS dehumidifier will run flawlessly for years to come.

Bottom line: Not a household brand but it is equally as effective as the rest. Go with this if you value design and heavily rely on continuous drainage.

online price (US)**
±139.00 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±)


Ivation 30-pint is a conventional dehumidifier that focuses on usability over design. At a slightly small 14.2 x 20.1 x 9.9 inches in size and a light 8.4 pounds weight, it is no doubt more maneuverable than most models in its segment. You can easily move it from room to room with the caster wheels or hold on to the grabbing handle if you want to move it to another floor. Continue with the usability, Ivation 0.8-gallon front reservoir comes with a tucked-in handle and a cover to ease emptying without the risk of spillage. There's also a transparent window that you can peak through to monitor the water level. A slide-out filter is located above the reservoir that can be taken out for cleaning.

We are a big fan of the classic black panel controls with contrasting LED displays and built-in humidistat. There are the basic 2 fan speed adjustments, clean-filter alert, a 24-hour on/ off timer, and alternate between the dual drainage options with an optional hose hookup. Lastly, you can also check the room humidity level or set your desired humidity level for the automatic moisture control to work with.

Ivation IVALDH30PW 30-pint dehumidifier is packed with all the safety features you will ever need. Auto-shutoff ceases operations once the water tank reaches its maximum capacity. Auto-defrost stop the coils from freezing up and damaging the compressor. Auto-restart with memory function will start the dehumidifier with the previously saved setting. On the whole, the build quality is up there including a customary 1-year warranty.

Moving to the moisture removal performance of Ivation 30-pint dehumidifier. The 22-pint (2019 DOE)/ 30-pint (DOE) daily moisture removal covers up to 2,000 square footage. The widest in this segment and highly suited for larger room sizes with mold and mildew issues e.g. master bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen, lounge, or office area. The noise level is fairly quiet at normal speed, but there's clear, audible noise when the fan is running at turbo speed. If you can't stand the white noise generated from a tower fan, it will be a similar case for the Ivation 30-pint dehumidifier. Power consumption is good given this is an Energy Star Rated model. It is under our 0.28 kilowatts-hour benchmark for everyday use.

Ivation 30-pint refrigerant dehumidifier can swiftly bring moisture down even in a wet environment. Through the internal fan motor, the large air inlet with a removable filter pulls and filters the air before it reaches the coils. Once there, the evaporative coils will perform condensation to removes moisture in the air. The moisture will be converted into water droplets and flows down to the collection bucket or release straight to a floor drain. The now dry air will be expelled back out and the dehumidification cycle will continue until the pre-defined humidity point is reached.

We do have a few minor complaints on the Ivation 30-pint dehumidifier. First, the small drainage tube might not be the easiest to fit a garden hose with. Second, there is also audible fan noise when running at turbo speed. Third, the air filter is slotted deep inside where you will need to remove the bucket first before sliding out the filter. That said, if you have no use of the drainage pump or don't mind the filter placement, Ivation 30-pint will be a fine choice.

Bottom line: Everything you need from a 22/ 30 pint dehumidifier is available here. Just be mindful of the smaller drain hole and reservoir.

online price (US)**
±159.99 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±)


Vacplus 30-pint is a refrigerant dehumidifier that doesn't look like one. The slim 11.3 x 19.7 x 6.7 inches body holds a white seamless design that blends naturally into modern home decor. To accommodate the clean look, a large air inlet with a detachable filter is placed behind rather than the usual front. The same goes with the middle storage reservoir that is well hidden from eyes view. We are happy with the fitting and build quality in spite of the competitive price. If you need to move it from room to room regularly, Vacplus durable caster wheels will roll smoothly at all angles.

Control-wise, everything is here from filter check, digital humidistat reader, dual fan speeds, and a 24-hour timer that can be set to boot or shut down Vacplus 30-pint dehumidifier. Set your preferred humidity point and let the intelligent constant humidity manage automatically. Another unique in Vacplus is the drying mode that helps dry and removes odors on clothes. Perfect for rainy days when you can't dry your clothes outside.

Nothing extraordinary on the safety features. Vacplus 30-pint dehumidifier can operate at a low temperature with its passive auto de-icing feature. It is further protected with auto-restart and auto-shutoff to prevent water spillage and internal damage. Warranty is great thanks to The 2 years risk-free warranty is a nice touch with 1-to-1 replacement in case the dehumidifier fails to work.

Vacplus can absorb up to 30 pints of moisture per day (22 pints based on the 2019 United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard). Great at halting mold and mildew growth while keeping indoor air fresh. It can dehumidify up to 1,500 square feet of room space under 90% RH @ 86°F. Suitable for a damp environment like the basement, garage, living hall, nursery home, and bedroom.

Powered by a high-quality compressor and silent fan motor, Vacplus 30-pint refrigerant dehumidifier can swiftly bring room moisture down below 50%. To protect the internal components, the outer washable filter will first capture large particles in the air like dust, hair, and fiber. With dirty air filtered, clean wet air will travel inside the coils to go through condensation. As a result. water droplets will be extracted from the air and will be collected by the reservoir or flow directly to a floor drain via a hose. The dry air will be heated and released back out and the cycle will continues until the dehumidifier shuts down.

Again, our beef with Vacplus 30-pint dehumidifier is due to the water tank size. You will need to constantly empty it as the 0.4-gallon capacity cannot last through the day in a damp environment. The middle reservoir placement is also annoying to remove when it is filled with water. You might accidentally spill some water due to the added weight. Both negatives can easily be resolved if you opt for the continuous drainage option that uses a hose rather than a bucket.

Bottom line: A powerful and modern interpretation of refrigerant dehumidifier. While it looks sleek and futuristic, the design is slightly compromised over usability.

online price (US)**
±179.99 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±)


Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier is a "pretty" choice yet still holds true to its core value. At a 12.2 x 17.3 x 8.2 inches in dimension and 24.9 pounds in weight, it is small but on the hefty side with no casters to ease the portability. The front seamless design is made possible by moving the air inlet from the reservoir to the back. The reservoir is rather small at only 0.5-gallon capacity, but it does make emptying and cleaning a breeze.

Inofia 30-pint is very easy to operate as evidence by the simple 4 buttons and an LCD display setup. You can cycle the fan speeds between low/ high, set manual/ auto drainage mode, or set the timer to boot/ shut down the machine. Most people will With the Intelligent Humidity Control, you can set a humidity point between 30% and 80%. Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier will run when the humidity level is higher than the setpoint and stops when it reaches the predefined humidity point or lower.

To round up, the lower variant Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier HD161A comes with the exact same passive features as the rest. You have the auto-stop that activates when the water tank is full to prevent an overflow. Auto-defrost stops the coils from icing up when operating in a cold environment. Power outage restart resumes back Inofia 30-pint operation after a blackout. There is also a customary 1-year warranty bundled in the package.

The dehumidifier that protects your valuable items from rust and water damage. Inofia 112 CFM fan system can steadily absorb 30 pints of moisture daily with 2012 DOE standard or 22 pints on 2019 DOE. Being an entry-level variant, the dehumidification coverage is at a much smaller 1,056 square footage under 90% dampness and 95°F temperature. As long as you're using it in a small to medium size room, Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier will work exactly like every other model on the list.

The 44 dB noise output is relatively silent and consistent throughout all speeds. It will not disturb your sleep thus you can leave Inofia in the bedroom. Power consumption also on the lower side where it doe not affect your electricity bill by much even if you use it on a daily basis.

Despite the smaller size, Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier uses the same refrigerative technology as every model listed here. Air drawn in by the fan motor will first have to pass through the washable filter snapped on the back inlet. With large particles trapped in the filter, the clean air will travel to the coils for condensation and evaporation. Moisture will be taken out from the air and drip down for the reservoir to collect or straight to drainage via a hose. Dry air will finally be diffuse out and the dehumidification will continue until the room humidity level decreased to an ideal level.

The trade-off for Inofia 30-pint dehumidifier compactness is the slightly weakened performance. For the price you paid, you're getting a subdued 1,056 square feet moisture coverage. To achieve the norm, you will need to top-up for the higher variant for the same specification as some model is offering. Another setback is the small 0.5-gallon collection tray that promotes constant water emptying. The lack of the caster wheels also hinders the movability even though Inofia is fairly lightweight. Again, the trade-off is minor and perfectly liveable for most people.

Bottom line: Look past the poorer coverage, this is a compact and seamless refrigerant dehumidifier that goes well in any home decor.

online price (US)**
±149.00 $$$/ 7

(annual filter cost ±)



Why 30 Pint Dehumidifier?

There is a lot of good reasons why you should go with a 30-pint dehumidifier. It is powered by a refrigerant technology that will effectively absorb 30 pints of moisture per day up to 1,500 square feet. Compared with 50-pint to 70-pint models, a 30-pint dehumidifier is cheaper, smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient than its counterpart. It will fit in better in a smaller room with less excess humidity.

What ACH & CFM Do I Need?

The higher CFM a dehumidifier can output, the higher ACH level can reach. Below are the recommended ACH based on the indoor humidity level.

  • Extremely wet - The recommended ACH is 6 with a humidity level between 80%-90%. Large puddles or standing water can be spotted at this stage.
  • Wet - The recommended ACH is 5 with a humidity level between 80%-90%. More mold and mildew can be spotted in the home due to leakage.
  • Very damp - The recommended ACH is 4 with a humidity level between 70%-80%. Air feels stale and damp with a strong hint of mustiness.
  • Damp - The recommended ACH is 3 with a humidity level between 60%-70%. Irregular musty smell and mold can be detected.

Air changes per hour (ACH) measure how many times the air will be circulated by a dehumidifier in one hour It is used to determine the effectiveness of a dehumidifier. Simply divide the volume of air dehumidified by the total volume of air in the room. The higher the humidity in your home, the higher ACH would be needed.

Cubic feet per minute (CFM) calculate the airflow volume pass by the room in one minute. To get the CFM number, multiply the cubic square footage of the room by the ACH value and divide by 60 (minutes). The higher the CFM, the more air will pass through the compressor per minute.

How To Determine The Dehumidifier Capacity

Room size and the relative humidity level play a key factor in determining the right capacity needed for a dehumidifier. A 30-pint dehumidifier runs best on a 300 square footage room space under a moderate to very damp environment (50%-70% humidity).

Room ConditionsSquare Footage
300 sq. ft.500 sq. ft.700 sq. ft.1000 sq. ft.1,500 sq. ft.
Moderately Damp (50-60% humidity)30 pint40-45 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint
Very Damp (60-70% humidity)30 pint40-45 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint
Wet (70-85% humidity)40 pint50 pint60 pint70 pint90 pint
Extremely Wet (85-100% humidity)40-45 pint50-60 pint60-70 pint70 pint90+ pint

You can find out the precise room humidity condition with a hygrometer or the dehumidifier built-in humidistat. You can also spot obvious signs such as condensation on the windows, damp spots on walls, or clammy air with a nauseating musty smell.

Does 30-pint Dehumidifier Comes With A Built-in Pump?

Most 30-pint models come with gravity drainage rather than a built-in pump due to the cost factor. However, the gravity pump will only clear out water if the drain floor is directly below the dehumidifier or few feet away. Some people will purchase an external pump and fitted in through the gravity connector. That way they can easily swap out the pump when is not needed or move to another machine.

2022 Best Dehumidifier 30 Pint (22 Pint for 2019 DOE)

No Image Dehumidifier Online Price (Amazon) Capacity Coverage
1 Vremi 30-pint Dehumidifier Vremi 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) Dehumidifier


22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 1500 sq. ft. (139 m2)
2 AIRPLUS 22 Pint Dehumidifier Review (30 Pint 2012 DOE) AIRPLUS 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Dehumidifier


22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 1,500 sq. ft. (139 m2)
3 Ivation 30 Pint IVALDH30PW Dehumidifier Review Ivation 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) IVALDH30PW Dehumidifier


22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 2000 sq. ft. (186 m2)
4 Vacplus 22 Pint Dehumidifier (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Vacplus 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Dehumidifier


22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 1,500 sq. ft. (139 m2)
5 Inofia 22 Pint Dehumidifier Review GA2 (30 Pint 2012 DOE) Inofia 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) HD161A Dehumidifier


22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) 1,056 sq. ft. (139 m2)

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