HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Mini Canister Dehumidifier Review: Baked Not Charge

A Silica Gel Dehumidifier that does not require charging? HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Mini Canister is exactly that. A proudly USA made renewable dehumidifier that drains and disperses moisture through heat. Find out how HYDROSORBENT works, what's so great about it, and what's something we are not particularly fancy about. At the end of the review, you should have a clear idea if this mini moisture absorber the right canister for you.
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HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Specification

4 x 2 x 0.5 in
(10.2 x 5.1 x 1.3 cm)
Weight0.1 lb (0 kg)
Spaces (up to)3 ft3
Duration per charge2-3 weeks
Power SourceRenewable/ Rechargeable
Charging time3 hours
Moisture indicatorYES
Wireless/ CordlessYES
Child/ Pet safeYES
Email/ Phone supportYES

Key Features

  • Compact aluminum canister
  • Cordless and batteries free
  • Recharge with conventional kitchen oven
  • Built-in indicator
  • Silent operation
  • Lifetime warranty

Design And Usability

The affordable mini canister that drains moisture silently in the background. HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Mini Canister measures 4 x 2 x 0.5 inches in dimension. Exactly the size of a deck of cards or a bar of soap. The portable body is ideal for storage areas like tool & tackle box, silver drawer, jewelry box, gun safe, closet, wardrobe, pantry, and shoe rack. Because of its extra versatility, many people even bring it around during travel, backpacks, or just leave it in the mini caravan wherever they go. Proudly made in USA with an exceptional build quality, the aluminum canister is leak-proof thus it will not create any mess when you accidentally drop it. It also comes with lifetime protection so there is never any need for refills or replacement parts. Again this mini dehumidifier will only cost you less than 10 dollars.

Dehumidification Technology

Like all renewable dehumidifier, HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Mini Canister Dehumidifier uses a chemical-free, food-grade, 40 grams crystallized silica gel made synthetically from sodium silicate. Each silica gel bead holds many interconnected pores to form a large surface area that traps and holds moisture up to 40% of its weight. HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 dehumidifier can last 2 to 3 weeks of non-stop moisture adsorption depending on how humid is the environment.

HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 dehumidifier is the perfect tool to protect your clothes, accessories, photobook, gadgets, other valuable items from rust, water damage, and musty odor at 3 cubic feet of enclosed space. You can leave it unattended for weeks without having to empty the water. When the colored indicator turns clear/ saturated, you can reactivate the dehumidifier by placing it in the kitchen oven. For those that have second thoughts, the heat of the oven will not melt or damage the aluminum canister as tested by the company. This is a far more environmentally friendly approach than having to find an electrical cord or use any battery.

Danby 30 Pint Dehumidifier is suitable to be used in the bedroom as it is considerably silent. The noise level is below 55 dB even at high-speed mode. You can place it near the bathroom and allow it to run through the night. As an Energy Star Rated unit, power consumption is also at a reasonable rate but unfortunately, we do not have the official figure. Rest assured it will not be too far off from the 30-pint model benchmark.

Price Guide

There are two variants available: The SG-40 with blue silica gel turns pink when saturated is retail at $9.50 and OSG-40 with orange silica gel turns to clear when saturated is retail at $10.70. Both mini re-chargeable HYDROSORBENT dehumidifiers are made in USA, share the same functionality, and holds the same build quality. If you're not into the tangled wire mess and preferred the good old fashion ovenning/ microwaving, this will do just fine.
There are very limited places you can purchase HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 rechargeable mini dehumidifier. You can try your luck on local retailers like Walmart, Costco, or email them personally through their official website. The most convenient way is of course Amazon as it comes with the best discount, bundled deals, free shipping, and a 30-days return policy if you're not happy is the purchase.


  • Drain excess moisture before it causes any moist damage or rust.
  • Environmental friendly, toxic-free, silica gel that works without batteries or electricity sources.
  • High-quality, compact aluminum canister with built-in indicator.
  • Runs continuously for 2 to 3 weeks without having to perform water emptying.
  • Standard lifetime warranty protection on parts and labor.


  • Troublesome renewing method that requires an external oven.
  • Only suitable for enclosed spaces like safe box with its limited moisture removal capacity.
HYDROSORBENT OSG-40 Mini Canister Dehumidifier

Max Fernandez

Growing up in New Orleans, one of the highest relative humidity in the United States, Max knows a thing or two about humidity. Besides reviewing dehumidifiers for living, you will find him gyming in the basement.

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