Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier Review B07JNZFRC8 (30 Pint 2012 DOE): Keeping It Fresh

Moisture maniac dehumidifier without worry. That's is what Vremi 22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE) strives for. A well-made, reliable dehumidifier that can swiftly bring your home humidity level down. In our comprehensive review, see the full specification, what's good, and what not so great. We will also list down the reason to opt for this over other similar range models and what other alternative options are available. Read on to learn more about Vremi and our final thoughts.
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Vremi 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) Specification

ProductVremi 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE)
16.1 x 19.9 x 10.4 in
(40.9 x 50.5 x 26.4 cm)
Weight30.9 lb (14 kg)
Coverage (up to)1500 sq. ft. (139 m2)
Airflow speed
Capacity22 Pint (30 Pint 2012 DOE)
Water tank1 gallon (8 pints)
Noise level
Power consumption
Timer/ Scheduler24-hour
Auto shut offYES
Continuous pump
Gravity drainageYES
More color optionsYES
Wi-Fi/ BTBluetooth
Remote control
Child lock
Warranty1 year
Email/ Phone supportYES

Key Features

  • 2 Fan speeds (Normal, Turbo)
  • Digital Humidistat with comfort mode
  • Auto defrost, Auto shut off, Auto restart
  • Continuous pump via direct access hose
  • Easy to clean filter with change indicator
  • 0.8 pint water tank
  • 24-hour timer
  • Caster wheels

Design And Usability

Manage the excess moisture in your room effectively. Vremi is a versatile 22/ 30 pint dehumidifier that comes in at only 16.1 inches in weight, 19.9 inches in height, and 10.4 inches in depth. Weight is around 8.4 pounds excluding any water-filled. You can effortlessly move the dehumidifier around by grabbing on the side handles or glide back and forth via the durable caster wheels.

Design-wise, the clean front panel has a hidden back air inlet protected by a detachable honeycomb filter. The easy maintenance filter only requires monthly cleaning which is a bonus to lazy folk like us. The front removable 1-gallon water tank can be easily taken out for emptying even when it is full. No protection cover on spillage but there’s a transparent water level indicator that you can peek through to check the water volume.

Controlling the home humidity could not get any easier. Vremi 22/ 30 pin dehumidifier comes with 5 functions: Filter, Comfort, Continuous, Turbo, and Timer. You can set your ideal humidity level and let the dehumidifier automatically manage it. Alternatively, you can leave the dehumidifier in comfort mode or use the convenient continuous mode via a drainage hose. The filter button will remind you to wash the filter every month, while turbo mode is useful when you need quick dehumidification. Timer works exactly how it should: pick an interval time for the dehumidifier to boot or shut down.

Premium features come standard. Vremi dehumidifier comes with auto shut off that will pause the operation once it detects the water tank is full. Auto defrost that prevents the evaporator coils from icing up. Auto restart with a memory feature that will resume back the operation with the previously saved setting. Lastly, Vremi dehumidifier manufacturer’s 1-year warranty covers any defects that hinder the operation as long as it is purchased on an official channel.

Dehumidification Technology

Protect your home from rust and water damage. Vremi is designed to absorb up to 30 pints of moisture daily or in modern days, 22 pints of moisture per day based on the latest 2019 United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard. At turbo speed, Vremi 22/ 30 pint dehumidifier can reach up to 1,500 square feet of moisture coverage. Ideal for medium to large room size including bedroom, living room, laundry room, basement, garage, kitchen, and office space.

Powering Vremi dehumidifier is the refrigeration technology in every 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE). It will effectively halt mold and mildew growth by reducing the ambient humidity level. When it is turned on, the internal compressor and fan motor will pull air into its inlet with an air filter attachment. The filter blocks dust, hair, lint, pet dander, and other particulates from getting inside the coils. The purified air will then go through condensation to remove the moisture from the air and expel dry air back. The removed moisture will either drip down to the collection tray or flow straight to a floor drain via a hose. The dehumidification cycle will carry on as long as Vremi is still operational.

Vremi 22-Pint (30-Pint 2012 DOE) dehumidifier is suitable for bedroom use as long as you keep the fan speed at low. You will barely hear any noise even when the dehumidifier is placed next to your bed. For those that don't mind the whirring fan noise, you can leave Vremi running anonymously in the background while you go on with your daily chores. As for power consumption, Vremi falls under our 0.28 kilowatts-hour benchmark which means it is more energy-efficient than most dehumidifiers in its segment.

Price Guide

For under 180 dollars, Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. dehumidifier offers decent specification and moisture output for everyday use. However, it is around 20-30 dollars more premium than most of its competitive models. If you value usability, easy-to-clean filter, and don't mind paying few extra bucks, Vremi would be a good buy.
There are plenty of places you can get your hands on a Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft. dehumidifier. From Amazon, the official website, and your local retailers, most sites will carry this model but at a different price level. Through our survey, Amazon offered the lowest price with bundled purchase, easy to achieve free shipping, 30 days return policy, and 100% hassle-free experience. Feel free to explore yourself and see what's in store.


  • Modern design with hidden grabbing handle and back honeycomb filter.
  • 22/ 30-pint auto dehumidification that supports up to 1,500 square feet of coverage.
  • Digital display, multi controls with dedicated filter wash indicator, and comfort mode.
  • Direct gravity drainage access.
  • Easy to clean filter that only requires monthly cleaning.


  • Slightly expensive for a 30-pint model without a built-in pump in the package.
  • Audible noise even in comfort mode.
Vremi 30-pint Dehumidifier

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